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Wright Vibes
Energy Scanning and Clearing
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Everything is Vibration
I will be giving 15 minute pet massages for your dog
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Spirit of All That Is Holistic Healing Arts Fair
March 22    10 - 6
Nature's Treasures Community Center, Austin
Energy Scanning and Clearing / Reiki Sessions - 30 minute session $25
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Everything around us, everything you see, hear, feel, smell, taste (and more – even what you can’t
see, hear, feel, smell, taste) is energy/vibration and as it enters your field of awareness (you
encounter it in some way) it is translated into thoughts and feelings, sensations.  It’s how we
experience life.  

By noticing and becoming aware of these encounters (they are happening constantly) you can get a
better understanding of your environment, situation, etc. and you can achieve control of them and
thereby have the choice to change them, and your day-to-day experience if you want.

The awareness of the energy that is you and that surrounds you allows you to make choices to
experience life in new ways and decide what’s working and what’s not so much.

Think of a time when you were hurt or angry. Notice how that feels.  Now think of a time you felt joy,
excitement. The shift you feel when you change those thoughts is an energy shift.  You are much
more than just your body and your mind. You are Energy/Spirit.  Your cells are energy and you can
“talk to” those cells.  Actually, you are always talking to them.  Notice what you are telling them (I’m
strong, healthy, tired, etc.).  They take direction from your thoughts.  You are in control of your own
EVERYTHING is Energy / Vibration